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pcpViewer is a 3D viewer of data gathered through the excellent Performance Co-Pilot library.




pcpViewer is a 3D viewer of data gathered through the excellent "Performance Co-Pilot" library.

You can see usage of CPU time, net devices, memory, hard drives, and virtually any data exported by the pcp library and daemon.

I first started this "pet project" as a 3D xosview replacement (thanks for inspiration), so one of the goal is to get the same level of responsiveness as xosview.


· You NEED to install the Performance Co-Pilot library from SGI to compile this software.
· You NEED an OpenInventor implementation too, so either choose the reference implementation Or prefer the Coin implementation.
· You NEED the toolkit hanlder for OpenInventor: SoQt, SoXt, SoGtk.


Run configure with the necessary option to choose your toolkit, i.e. for Qt:

./configure --with-soqt

Or for Motif :

./configure --with-soxt

Run make.


pcpview will not be installed via make install. I don't consider it mature enough to let you have this silly idea.

However, there are no dependencies, nor documentation or man files for the moment, so the only thing you need to do is copying the COMPILATION_DIR/src/pcpview binary in your path.

I've added the "-h" option to specify a remote host, so by running:


you'll get a graph presenting localhost performance data. If you run:

pcpview -h remotehost

you'll get a graph of performance data on remotehost (assuming pmcd run on remotehost).

What's New in This Release:

· Code cleanup ( more c++, less C ).
· Added -h command line option to specify remote host (aka pcpview -h remotehost)
· Disable values texts when zooming out and they become unreadable.
Last updated on May 26th, 2005
Performance Co-Pilot viewer

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