PAPFIP is a Python and Pgplot FITS image plotter.
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PAPFIP is a Python and Pgplot FITS image plotter.

PAPFIP is a FITS image plotter based on the python bindings to the pgplot graphics library. PAPFIP is an acronym for "Python and PGPLOT-based FITS image plotter". It is intended as a non-interactive (command-line or script-driven) astronomical image plotter intended for the automated or repeated production of finalized publication-quality postscipt files, rather than a method of inspecting or visualizing the data.

Main features:

  • Plot a FITS primary image in
  • greyscale using a linear, square-root, asinh or log10 intensity scaling, with user-defined image minima and maxima.
  • and/or in contour form, using a comma-separated list of contour levels.
  • Over-plotting of sources or regions within a ds9-format region file in phys or RA/DEC (sexagesimal or decimal degrees) coords.
  • Supported region types are circle(), box(), ellipse(), cross, x and line style markers.
  • Included/excluded regions are plotted with different line styles.
  • Image overlays are fully supported.
  • This overlays a second fits image in contour form over the first image, where the first image is presented using style defined with the grey-scale image options. The over-lay is handled using WCS coordinate keywords that must be present in the headers of each fits file. The two images must use the same RADECSYS and be north-aligned.
  • The field of view, i.e. axis minima and maxima, may be user defined. By default the region fully covering the first input fits image is plotted.
  • An optional marker for the exact pixel center of the image, or the user-defined center, may be plotted on the image.
  • Axes are plotted either in terms of raw pixel number, or more normally units of angular distance (arcseconds, arminutes or degrees) offset from either the exact pixel center of the image or a user-defined RA,DEC coordinate.
  • An optional scale bar can be plotted.

last updated on:
October 25th, 2008, 8:47 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Attitude Adjuster
ROOT \ Science and Engineering \ Visualization
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What's New in This Release:
  • FITS WCS coordinates are now accepted in input images and in ds9 (version 3) format region files.
  • Contour-level plotting has been improved, including numerical labeling of individual contour levels.
  • Command line axis and data labeling options have been added.
  • Some other minor options have been added and bugs fixed.
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