Kaspaliste 0.96

Kaspaliste is a literature database for Linux/KDE.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.1/5 14
Jan Müller
ROOT \ Science and Engineering \ Visualization
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Kaspaliste is a knowledge database which handles all types of books, articles, journals, webpages, etc.

This program is BETA software! It is based on a reliable database server, so complete data loss is not very likely. But other (hopefully minor) problems may occur. BACKUP YOUR DATABASE FRREQUENTLY AND KEEP OLD BACKUPS! I think it's obvious: I'm not a native english speaker. Corrections are welcome.

Kaspaliste is a literature database. It handles all kinds of books, articles, journals, webpages etc. The database goes beyond storing bibliographical information. There is the possibility to create annotated links between pieces of information (like the content of a book chapter) and to group links into categories.

The user interface works just like a web browser: You may follow the links to open records. You may walk back and forward through previously edited records, change fields, and create or delete links, publication, authors etc. on the fly with just one mouseclick.

Kaspaliste does not only store pieces of information about publications. It stores files as well. Kaspaliste handels various formats like html, pdf, ps, dvi and pictures (depends on your KDE-installation since the kpart-technology is used). You can for example store ocr'ed parts of interesting publications. The fulltext search covers these files.

Another feature is the automatic generation of BibTex files.

What's New in This Release:

· circumvents a bug in the pdf-KPart.
· bugfix release for kde 3.2

Last updated on June 7th, 2005

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