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ImageJ Plugins project is a source of custom plugins for the Image/J software.




ImageJ Plugins project is a source of custom plugins for the Image/J software.

The Reader plugin opens digital camera raw images using DCRAW program created by David Coffin. Over 200 formats are supported. Full list can be found at DCRAW home page.

The Reader requires the DCRAW binary specific to an opretaing system. Versions for Linux and Windows are part of the distribution. Verssion for Mac OS X is available through DCRAW home page.


DCRaw Reader - Opens over 200 formats digital camera raw images. It is a wrapper for DCRAW executable. In a background a raw image is converted to PNM image and the read into ImageJ. Located under Plugins/Image IO.

DCRaw Reader - Shows brief info about the RCRaw Reader plugin. Located under ImageJ menu Help/About Plugins.


Plugins are distributed in file ij-dcraw_.jar available in ij-dcraw

Plugins are installed by simply coping the ij-dcraw_.jar to ImageJ plugins directory. The plugins are available under Plugins/Image IO menu, brief help for each plugin is available under Help/About Plugins menu.
By default, the Reader looks for the DCRAW binary in subdirectory dcraw of ImageJ plugins folder. An alternative location can be specified by adding property ".dcrawExecutable.path"' to ImageJ properties file IJ_Props.txt located in ImageJ home directory. Here is an example:

Example 1. IJ_Props.txt

Note period at the beginning of property name, it is required by ImageJ.


Reading of 48 bit RGB images requires ImageJ v.1.35p or newer. Earlier versions of ImageJ will support only regular 24 bit RGB images.
Java 5 or better.
DCRAW executable (see Installation section for more details).

What's New in This Release:

Recompiled code to be binary compatible with Java 1.2 and newer (previously only 1.5 and newer), intended to resolve bug report #1470386. 2) Updated dcraw executable binaries to v.8.13.
Last updated on March 5th, 2007

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