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Genomorama: Genome Visualization is a multi-scale, multi-genome, multi-platform visualization and analysis program.




Genomorama: Genome Visualization is a multi-scale, multi-genome, multi-platform visualization and analysis program. It provides a powerful yet easy to use interface that leverages the visualization power of modern computers (via OpenGL) and the substantial bioinformatic infrastructure provided by the NCBI (via the NCBI C toolkit).

Genomorama is written in portable, highly optimized C++ and comes in three "flavors" that allow it to run natively on (most) modern operating systems: OS X (using Carbon), Microsoft Windows (using MFC), and Linux (using Motif). Executables and source code are freely provided for all flavors.

Here are some key features of "Genomorama Genome Visualization":

· High performance has not been sacrificed on the altar of portability
· OpenGL graphics take advantage of the video-game optimized graphics cards available in most desktop and laptop computers.
· C++ allows transparent and complete utilization of system resources (like memory).
· Native windowing toolkits (Carbon, MFC and Motif) for every operating system facilitate responsiveness and ease of use.
· A stand-alone, self-contained executable frees Genomorama from dependence on third party applications.
· Source code for all platforms is freely available.
· An attractive, full featured user interface
· Genomorama presents a clean, uncluttered user interface.
· Multi-scale rendering displays relevant details while maintaining readability.
· Use a keyboard or a mouse to efficiently zoom, pan and explore genomes of arbitrary size.
· Attractive WYSIWYG Postscript and GIF output formats yield publication quality images.
· Novel features to aid genome analysis
· In addition to the standard searching options (like query by sequence and gene name), Genomorama offers "forward and reverse" DNA hybridization based searches.
· Provide a pair of PCR primers, and Genomorama will output the amplicons.
· Provide a hybridization probe and Genomorama will find binding sites.
· Provide a pair of Padlock probes and Genomorama will identify binding locations
· Provide a set of PCR primer criteria (length, melting temperature, base composition, etc.) and Genomorama will find PCR primers.
· Genomorama can display and search an arbitrary number of genomes (limited only by computer memory).
· Harness the power of the NCBI toolkit to directly access and search the NCBI Entrez database.
· Compute melting profile, in addition to traditional base composition plots (i.e. %G+C, %A+T, etc).

What's New in This Release:

· This release fixes the following bugs: parsing gbk files that contain single base annotations on the complement strand;
· missed exact matches at 3' end of target sequence;
· fragile parsing of annotation range;
· downloading of very large Genbank records (i.e. human chromosomes);
· and omitted intergenic space following single base annotations (i.e. SNPs).
· Custom color records are now saved to and read from GBK files.
· An OS X Intel-specific executable has been added.
· The information dialog box has been made resizable.
Last updated on February 28th, 2007
Genomorama: Genome VisualizationGenomorama: Genome VisualizationGenomorama: Genome Visualization

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