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GChart is an application that produces charts.
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GChart is an application that produces charts.

The main idea behind GChart is simple: You can make very nice charts efficiently out of a reasonably small number of Label and (empty) Image objects, styled and positioned appropriately on an AbsolutePanel. Not surprisingly, bar charts don't suffer at all under the limitations imposed by this strategy--but traditional x-y charts also do remarkably well.

Developer comments

GChart was motivated by a technical computing application I'm working on that generates all of the data that it charts via client-side computations. As I build that application using GChart, I'll contribute back any improvements. So, there is at least one person who is planning to use GChart in a real application at this point...it would be much better if there were two! Seriously, I do think GChart (even as a 1.0) is a very good solution for applications like mine, that generate the to-be-charted data entirely on the client.

Thanks for using GChart, and remember, new code contributors are always welcome!

last updated on:
October 6th, 2008, 10:53 GMT
developed by:
John Curtis Gunther
license type:
The Apache License 2.0 
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What's New in This Release:
  • Client-side, line charts are now much faster and better looking thanks to a new interface that lets you plug an external GWT vector graphics library (canvas) into GChart.
  • The updated live demo plugs into the GWT incubator's graphics library to update a sine/cosine chart 10 times faster in IE7 and 20 times faster in FF2, compared to using GChart's built-in, HTML-rectangle-based algorithms.
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