EVITA 0.14

EVITA is a integrated system to facilitate exploration of terascale datasets by using a wavelet-based representational scheme.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
3.5/5 11
James E. Fowler
ROOT \ Science and Engineering \ Visualization
EVITA is a prototype, integrated system to facilitate exploration of terascale datasets by using a wavelet-based representational scheme allowing ranked access to macroscopic data features. The EVITA system provides a general visualization environment for terascale data on rectilinear and curvilinear grids, and is applicable to computational-field-simulation and experimental datasets arising in applications such as computational fluid dynamics, environmental sciences, electromagnetics, and structural mechanics.

What's New in This Release:

With this release, feature detection is now denoised using a multiscale
feature detector.
That is, features are detected within basebands at various resolutions, and those that persist across all scales are retained.
Additionally, in the 2D swirl feature detector, Sperner's Lemma is now employed to reduce the number of features identified.
Specifically, those features identified as swirls based on the swirl parameter are discarded unless they also contain a vortex core.
Fixed broken arithmetic contexts in evSegmentationMapCodecRunlength
Updated README for new dsdetect operation
Fixed command-line evita_encoder operation for explicit grid
Minor changes to fix compilation warnings
Fixed camera-clipping-range bug in evVisualizer2D::ResetCamera()
Modified dsdetect to permit single-roi segmentation-map generation
Added imgtods
Added evFeatureRanker, evFeatureRankerArea, evFeatureRankerMaximum, evFeatureRankerStrength, evFeatureRankerAverageStrength
Added evFeatureDetectorSwirl::VectorCoreDenoising()
Reduced memory use in feature-detection routines
Added evMultiscaleFeatureDetector
Added evWaveletTransformCollection
Added evField::PreserveBaseband()
Refinements to evField::RasterScan(), evField::InverseRasterScan(), evField::ExtractSubband()
Added evDefinitions.h, evDefaultValues.h
Fixed minor Solaris compiler problems
Removed tabs from source code

Last updated on February 24th, 2008

#terascale datasets #representational scheme #visualization environment #visualization #terascale #representational #environment

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