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Cassandra is a VTK/Java based 3D Scientific Data Viewer.




Cassandra is a VTK/Java based 3D Scientific Data Viewer.

Cassandra is a modular and advanced 3D scientific data viewer. Cassandra is written in Java and based on the Visualisation Tool Kit, VTK. Like in OpenDX, Cassandra includes a graphical visualisation pipeline editor based on the DedalEgraph library.

Data processings are performed through an extensive set of dynamical and independent plug-ins. Cassandra already provides several processing filters such as cutting functions, isolevels and data threshold.

Plug-ins can be any kind of data processing such as import/export module or VTK pipeline definition. Cassandra is actually a VTK framework providing the common features on generic VTK objects and simplifies the creation of processing filters. The existing filters are automatically loaded at the runtime.

This feature allows a wide flexibility in the definition of filters and provides a highly customisable generic VTK viewer. It should also simplify the learning curve of the VTK library by non-specialists.

An advanced Python/Jython console, JyConsole, completes the system and allows quick prototyping possibilites and the direct manipulation of all objects used in the system, independently of their initial language (C++/Java/Python). JyConsole includes an object oriented completion.


· Java 1.4.2 or later

What's New in This Release:

· This release comes with several major improvements: support for VTK 5.0, integrating implicitly the news features and evolutions of VTK 5.x and opening future improvements in the pipelines management; maintenance of the compliance with VTK 4.2; integration of version 1.3 of JyConsole; integration of several new plug-ins, such as the elevation data filter (scalar warping); and several bugfixes.
Last updated on February 7th, 2007

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