PEBL 0.11

PEBL is the psychology experiment building language.

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What's new in PEBL 0.11:

  • Version 0.11 contains a lot of under-the-hood fixes to memory management. Previously, PEBL had a number of memory leaks which could end up crashing the system if it ran for too long. Most (all?) are now gone, which should improve performance. Also, a new widget called a 'canvas' is available, which lets you create more complex widgets, do pixel-drawing and other cool stuff. Using it sometimes can (reliably) cause crashes the program on windows that I have not yet tracked down, so think of it as fairly experimental right now.
  • Also, I've made a lot of progress toward enabling internationalized experiments. I've also now have translations of the BCST and Bechara Gambling task into polish, chinese, and korean, and translation of TOL into Spanish (and Portuguese soon). Those of you who want translated versions of these tasks can now do translations of text strings and run by specifying a two-character country code in the launcher. This comes at a slight cost--korean and chinese fonts are now included, making the download about 50% larger than last time. Also, I've moved to a default font which handles western characters much better, so accents on most european languages should be handled seamlessly.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Shane T. Mueller
ROOT \ Science and Engineering \ Neuroscience
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PEBL is software for creating psychology experiments.

PEBL offers a simple programming language tailor-made for creating and conducting simple experiments. It is Free software, licensed under the GPL, with both the compiled executables and source code available without charge.

PEBL is programmed primarily in C++, but also uses flex and bison (GNU versions of lex and yacc) to handle parsing.

PEBL is designed to be easily used on multiple computing platforms. Its current implementation uses the SDL as its implementation platform, which is also a cross-platform library that compiles natively under Win32, Linux, and Macintosh Operating Systems. Currently, PEBL works on Windows and Linux.

Last updated on July 25th, 2010

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