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Dental Practice Management Suite




openMolar is a Dental Practice Management Suite used by a successful mixed NHS/private at Scottish Dental Practice. Appointments, treatment planning, billing etc.

The project founder is a dentist who has an interest in computing.
After becoming severely disatisfied by existing commercial applications, he decided to write his own. He attended the 3rd DOCHS in Los Angeles and gained valuable advice and insight from the leaders of medical open-source applications.

The author uses Stani's Python Editor on Ubuntu for developing this software.

The software is (currently) a traditional client / server setup, designed to be truly cross platform. Linux, Mac and Windows. The practice chooses the hardware. No longer will disinterested vendors dictate how you run your practice (in the founder's experience is not uncommon to find that only 1 screen resolution or I type of printer is supported!). The business models seem to have a philosophy of providing unusable software that requires expensive 24/7 support.

The goal is simple. Better software for dental practices, and ultimately, patients of those practices.
Last updated on March 25th, 2010

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