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Ulysses is a next-generation software for the calculation and visualization of electric and magnetic fields.




Ulysses is a next-generation software for the calculation and visualization of electric and magnetic fields as emitted by electric objects like transformer stations, high voltage transmission lines, sub-terrain cables...

Ulysses provides a graphical 3D editor to create and manipulate scenes of geometric objects and conductors, a calculation engines for magnetic (H) and electric (E) fields and a 3D visualization module to display the calculated field values. Ulysses supports 1-, 2- and 3-dimensional fields (1D=field path, polygon, 2D=field plain, 3D field cube). The fields are displayed as iso lines or iso surfaces - together with the photorealistic visualization of the calculated scene.

Each scene object can be supplied with some material properties, which are divided into non-field-relevant and field-relevant properties. The field-relevant properties are, for example, such as max. conductor voltage and power and resistance. These properties are used in the field calculation. Other properties like surface color or textures are "just" used to let the scene look more realistic - eye candy.

The Ulysses 3D editor supplies an expandable module library with frequently used modules for easyer and faster scene assembly and a material editor to create and modify the scene object's materials.


· Linux kernel 2.4.x
· glibc 6.1 or newer
· GNU C++ 3.x
· autoconf 2.5 or newer
· automake 1.6 or newer


First you have to unpack the Ulysses source tarball. Use the following command:

tar xzf ulysses-{Ulysses version}.tar.gz

Then you have to configure the sources with your system's parameter settings. To do this call

cd ulysses-Ulysses version
./configure --prefix=directory to install Ulysses to

After that you cann compile and install Ulysses:

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make install
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