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A Gtk# EHR for interfacing with VistA based systems (Medsphere OpenVista, VA's VistA, etc.)






OpenVista CIS is a Gtk# EHR for interfacing with VistA based systems (Medsphere OpenVista, VA's VistA, etc.)

OpenVista CIS is a rewrite of the Department of Veteran Affairs' Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) in Gtk#. The focus is on using a modern language, internationalization, and cross-platform support.


There are two major components to OpenVista, a client (Medsphere OpenVista CIS, commonly referred to just as CIS, OpenVista CIS, or OpenVista Client) and a middleware component (Medsphere OpenVista Bridge). The Bridge handles doing raw RPC communication with the VistA Broker and provides a SOAP (currently broken) and Binary Remoting interface to the client (the client uses one or the other for a given connection). The Bridge is meant to be run on a server (either one running VistA itself, or a separate machine), while CIS runs on a client machine (any machine with a .NET environment and Gtk# available).

There is another component, currently under development, called OpenVista Vitals. This will be both a stand-alone vitals application, as well as a component of OpenVista CIS when it is completed. Note that this project is *not* completed, and should only be considered a pre-preview of what is to come from the Vitals component.

A small portion of the CIS component is actually broken into a separate executable, PdfConverter.exe. This small utility acts as a remoting server, responsible for converting raw bytes of PDFs into GdkPixbuf bytes. This needs to be done out of process, as poppler (and by extension, poppler-sharp) is licensed under the GPL.

The PDFConverter.exe sources, as well as the few shared classes used for remoting, are licensed under a GPL compatible license. We hope in the future that a PDF library with a license less restrictive than the GPL will be available, such that we can increase PDF rendering performance by not having the rendering done out of process.
Last updated on August 31st, 2009
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