OSHIP 2009-07-02

Open Source Health Information Platform

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The OSHIP Team
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OSHIP is a Python application development platform focused on but not limited to the openEHR.org Electronic Health Record Specifications.

One of our greatest challenges in the healthcare and medical IT fields is interoperability and the elimination of data silos. This is especially true in research areas of not only health informatics itself but in all areas of healthcare where data is collected and can be reused in multiple areas.

The multi-level modeling approach to healthcare application development is gaining recognition on an international basis as the way forward for true interoperability. Based on almost two decades of research, development AND implementation; the openEHR specifications are leading the way http://www.openehr.org/about/origins.html In fact; a portion of the openEHR specifications are now international (ISO) and European (CEN) standards; with more on the way. Key members of the openEHR Foundation are in continuous collaboration with other international standards organizations to bring the specifications into alignment with related standards such as HL7 and CEN 13606.

As a broader vision of the reference implementation I have developed the Open Source Health Information Platform (OSHIP) in order to provide an environment where health informatics researchers and other professionals can create healthcare applications that does not trap their data in information silos only to be lost to further research and reuse. Applications developed using OSHIP can range from disease registries to complete domain specific EMRs and still retain their interoperability.

You can join the developer's mailing list by joining the team and then going to Change Details in your profile. There you can setup your mailing list options.

Python developers not wanting to use the entire OSHIP project can extract the openEHR code and use it in other Python applications. There are only a few dependencies that can be added as Python eggs.

Last updated on February 12th, 2009


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