Cottage Med

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Cottage Med is an electronic medical record software.




Cottage Med is an Open Source Software that is ...

- Accessible & Affordable (Free, in fact)
- Easily Customizable and Expandable
- Designed by physicians for physicians
- Used by doctors in the U.S. and developing nations
- a template for FileMaker versions 5-7

Are you intimidated by computers? Is the cost of an electronic medical record ("EMR") beyond your reach? Are you a non-profit organization or a struggling doctor young or old? Our profession suffers with a blizzard of competing and conflicting EMR's. Bloated with unnecessary features, they cost a thief's arm and a leg to boot. In Cottage Med you can quickly learn and easily reprogram our EMR just like visual Basic without programming experience.

Medicine has a big problem - no broadly accepted, affordable EMR standard exists. Cottage Med bridges your difficult present and unknown future by helping you step into a calmer, smoother, more productive now where you maintain full control over your information, full access to it, and the ability to smoothly export it to whatever future system or standards you choose. Open-Source EMR's are simply great solutions.

A flexible, ruggedly dependable and HIPAA-secure office system can be constructed with your old computer hardware for a few hundred dollars...with secure and wireless networking, PDA and multiple-office support, prescription writing and cross-platform compatibility built in. You should not believe the hype of the AAFP and hundreds of for-profit EMR software companies; our EMR solutions work right now, today, at no cost even without buying FileMaker.

Designed for PC, Apple and Linux environments, these templates run within the database program FileMaker (so it's not a "pure" open-source project), but Cottage Med installs like child's play, develops quickly, and does the job to help improve healthcare. The templates' designers offer free software support and system suggestions as needed.
Last updated on February 14th, 2011

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