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ClearHealth is a new generation of medical software designed by clinics and hospitals.




ClearHealth software is a new generation of medical application designed by clinics and hospitals and powered by Open Source software.

For years doctors and clinics have been subject to mediocre software, sometimes unscrupulous vendors, high pressure sales tactics and lackluster customer service. ClearHealth changes all that.

Industry leading software engineers here at Uversa sat down and listened to your needs and and developed a suite of software that serves the medical community like never before. ClearHealth covers the five major areas of practice operations including scheduling, billing, EMR, HIPAA Security and accounts receivable.

Each set of capabilities has been painstakingly researched and devised with useability experts to make it quick to learn and powerful to use.

Great functionality is around every corner. ClearHealth includes additional modules for document storage, customizable reporting/forms, lab results and prescription management. The choice is simple, improve your operations, work with a vendor that puts customer service first, and choose ClearHealth now.

Open Source Software gives you ownership of your system and the right to control when and how you upgrade. It also gives you the ability to cost effectively customize the software for your practice's individual needs and specialties.

There are no obligatory recurring license fees, no forced upgrades and no vendor lock-in. Uversa guarantees a life cycle of 3-7 years and offers all levels of support with its ClearHealth Advantage Edition.

Compare your options, ask your existing vendor for ownership of your system and find that ClearHealth offers what no one else can.

Innovative Technologies bring major improvements to scheduling and billing. ClearHealth is web-based and uses your internet browser to connect to the system. Historically many people have found webbased interfaces to be clunky and slow. By leveraging Uversa's unique real time interface technologies you can forget about click and wait.

Get the information you need from patient searches, demographic updates and claim edits instantly, no waiting. See for yourself, call us today to get access to a live demonstration you can try firsthand.

What's New in This Release:

PDF Templates for reports. Forms using Adobe LiveCycle.
A Smarty plugin to calculate BMI.
The installer has been fixed to properly detect Linux vs.
Windows installations on Ubuntu, SuSE, and CentOS.
Smarty has been upgraded. libpcre issues are resolved.
PHP 5.2.x is supported. Improved access/login audit marks.
A new XML page type/handler and RSS controller.
Insurance-based appointment rules.
Basic auth login is supported.
XML output for all objects.
A new preview mechanism on the report edit screen.
Support for visualizations in default templates.
Last updated on May 4th, 2008

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