epicstcl 1.4-002

epicstcl tool offers Tcl/Tk support for the EPICS control system along with EPICS aware megawidgets.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.5/5 14
Jay Kusler and Ron Fox
ROOT \ Science and Engineering \ Mathematics
epicstcl tool offers Tcl/Tk support for the EPICS control system along with EPICS aware megawidgets.

What's New in This Release:

Use CChannelVariable derived from CTCLVariable so that epics linked variables are bi-directional.
Formally set release level to 1.2
Manage duplicate channel definitions by using reference counted channels.
Correct docs for epicsTypeNGo - It should be used as controlwidget::epicsTypNGo
Correct docs for meter widget.. in some cases the phrase 'meter height' is more appropriately meter indicator height.
Support mult-way links of epics PV's to tcl variables.
support epicschannel listlinks subcommand.
First shot at measuring text so it will fit inside the window even on Weird-ass MAC's for the meter widget.
Implement epicsMeter widget. This widget provides a meter for any epics channel .. not just a BCM.
Supply a controlwidget::epicsBCMMeter alias to controlwidget::bcmMeter to match the normal epics naming scheme
Correct epics.xml so that:
first example uses a label not an entry.
plug the use of the epics widgets rather than roll your own.
Build epicsStripChart widget.. need docs.
March 28, 2007 - Fix timebase error in stripchart.
Fix bindDown typo in led.
Hunt for tcl development stuff in /opt/local/{include,lib} where the OS-X darwin ports put it.. that's the preferred tcl/tk version for us since it supports a good BLT.
Add epicsStripChart documentation.
Remove last debugging outputs from epicsStripChart.tcl
Add examples to the epicsStripChart docs.
Remove empty doc file ClanguageTraceCallbacks.xml
set configure.in to 1.2-pre1 will be final when Skip's shopping list is completely implemented.
Added epicsGraph widget.. This is the x/y plot widget on Skip's shopping list for epics widgets.
Add stuff needed to build windows targets.
Added docs for epicsGraph widget.
Ensure that the windows port still compiles/works on linux
Add a sample application to the epicsgraph manpage.
Use a per channel semaphore to ensure that data structuresin the channel are appropriately synchonized between epics and application threads (notifications can be in an arbitrary thread).
Ensure that Tcl calls triggered by a notification are done by posting events to the Tcl interpreter so that they get done in the contex of the Tcl thread rather than violating the Tcl apartment model of threading.
In epicsStripChart.tcl:
Use a more efficient way to trim back the history lists.
Do timing based on an absolute time offset relative to the start time and timebase rather than accumulating times and hence errors in the offsets.
Document the need to define LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4. for some linux systems.
Deal with some timing holes revolving around channel deletion:
Don't allow channel command update handlers to run on channel commands that were destroyed.
When channels are deleted prior to being connected, change their connection handlers to something safe and null so that update handlers won't get established if they get connected in the timing hole between object deletion and epics channel run-down.

Last updated on December 4th, 2007

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