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3.0/5 19 is a download-and-use terminal calculator.



specifications is a download-and-use terminal calculator. It is handy, easily extendable, and tape-like. It comes with most of the usual and some financial and physical functions.

Yes, there is a lot of calculators for linux on the web.

Once I was looking for something simple, fast to use, something where you can see the history of operations (tape calculator like gtapecalc), with minimum use of mouse, I didnot succeed. Most of the calculators are GUI - means that functions you must use the mouse or learn some shortcuts.

Non-GUIs look too complicated (like Easy Stack Calculator) or look too simple (like lcalc).

There are "linux-built-in" things like bc (arbitrary precision calculator language) or octave, but their purpose is a little bit different from what I wanted.

Here are some key features of "calc pl":

No instalation, just download.
Runs in terminal = fast copy-paste and/or remote operation.
Fast quit with Ctrl-c
Line editing, acces to previously issued commands
Help command from prompt. Just type "help"
Standard functions (goniometric, logs) and some special functions
Default operations (repeating operations modes)



What's New in This Release:

A bug in the goniometric functions was fixed.
The ability to use decimal commas was added along with a few fancy features, including automatic terminal-tab name, saving history on Ctrl-C, and better help.
Last updated on November 7th, 2006

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