UMFPACK is a set of routines for solving unsymmetric sparse linear systems.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.4/5 13
Timothy A. Davis
ROOT \ Science and Engineering \ Mathematics
UMFPACK is a set of routines for solving unsymmetric sparse linear systems, Ax=b, using the Unsymmetric MultiFrontal method. Written in ANSI/ISO C, with a MATLAB (Version 6.0 and later) interface.

Appears as a built-in routine (for lu, backslash, and forward slash) in MATLAB. Includes a MATLAB interface, a C-callable interface, and a Fortran-callable interface. Note that "UMFPACK" is pronounced in two syllables, "Umph Pack". It is not "You Em Ef Pack".

UMFPACK 3.2 through 5.1 is available under a LGPL license. UMFPACK 5.2 (and future versions) are available under the GPL license. For a non-GNU license, please contact Tim Davis.


BLAS package (program runs considerably slower without this)

Quick start:

To compile, test, and install both UMFPACK and AMD, the UMFPACK and AMD directories must be in the same parent directory. To configure, edit the UFconfig/ file (otherwise, you may get warnings that the BLAS (dgemm, etc) are not found). You may use UMFPACK_CONFIG = -DNBLAS in the UFconfig/ file, to avoid using the BLAS, but UMFPACK will be slow. Next, cd to this directory (UMFPACK) and type "make". To compile and run a FORTRAN demo program for Harwell/Boeing matrices, type "make hb". To compile a FORTRAN main program that calls the 32-bit C-callable UMFPACK library, type "make fortran". When done, type "make clean" to remove unused *.o files (keeps the compiled libraries and demo programs). See the User Guide (Doc/UserGuide.pdf), or ../UFconfig/ for more details (including options for compiling in 64-bit mode).

Last updated on February 21st, 2008

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