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NA_WorkSheet project is a collective aggregation of algorithms.
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NA_WorkSheet project is a collective aggregation of algorithms written in Java that implements various numerical analysis solutions and techniques.

The worksheet has been designed to allow a simple user interface for accessing and executing each numerical method. Each numerical analysis algorithm will normally require some type of input. The input will normally come in the form of an input equation/data and parameters for controlling the execution of the algorithm. Output from each algorithm approximation is directly available as either a solution or combination solution and intermediate data. The NA_Worksheet also provides the capability to graph an input equation with the ability to both translate and scale the resultant plot.

Upon running the NA_Worksheet application/applet the user will be presented with a standard 800x600 pixel frame that will conform to the host workstation's look and feel, theme. The frame can be resized to any desired dimension. The user's interface for the worksheet is divided into a quadripartite. In the upper left quadrant is the graph panel. Here plots can be viewed of the equation that is input for analysis.

The upper right panel holds the main input, where various numerical methods can be selected and executed. The panel also provides a text box where the input equation for analysis can be entered. Two main buttons allow the user to either execute the selected approximation or graph the input equation.

The lower left panel houses several tabbed panes that allows data output to be viewed, function evaluation, or controls for the graph panel to be accessed. The graph tab also includes the present grid scaling on the graph and coordinate information. The final panel in the lower right quadrant is particular to each selected numerical approximation. This panel provides the parameter selection and input for each chosen numerical method. A condensed list of the panels and there names follows:

Graph Panel - Upper left quadrant.
Main Input Panel - Upper right quadrant
Output/Graph Control Panel - Lower left quadrant
Approximation Method Panel - Lower right quadrant


Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 or later

What's New in This Release:

The code was cleaned up.
The graph interface and scaling capability were updated.
Data import was modified to eliminate CSV separator characters.

Last updated on August 1st, 2008

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