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The first and possibly the only free* general-purpose MultiBody Dynamics analysis software.





MultiBody Dynamics is the first and possibly the only free* general-purpose MultiBody Dynamics analysis software, released under GNU's GPL 2.1 (get a cached copy here).

MultiBody Dynamics has been developed at the Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale of the University "Politecnico di Milano", Italy.

MBDyn features the integrated multidisciplinary analysis of multibody, multiphysics systems, including nonlinear mechanics of rigid and flexible constrained bodies, smart materials, electric networks, active control, hydraulic networks, essential fixed-wing and rotorcraft aerodynamics.

What is a multibody system? Find out here (but come back!

It allows to simulate the behavior of heterogeneous mechanical, aeroservoelastic systems based on first principles equations.

It is being actively developed and used in the aerospace, automotive, and mechatronic fields for the analysis and simulation of the dynamics of complex systems.

The extension of available analysis domains to new models, and new analysis domains is planned, and problem-driven: if you need to solve a specific problem, let us know.

Dynamic linking of user-defined modules is heavily exploited to let users extend the feature library.

On GNU/Linux, real-time execution is supported under RTAI, the Real-Time Application Interface.

What MBDyn is:

- command-line, direct initial-value problem solver with a large, flexible multifield element library
- research tool
- community developed, research driven free software

MBDyn is not:

- complete out-of-the-box ``bells and whistles'' GUI for solid modeling
- commercial tool
- 24/7 supported software
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