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K3DSurf is a program who generate 3D surfaces with Mathematical formulas.




K3DSurf is a program who generate 3D surfaces with Mathematical formulas ( Parameter or Explicit equations).

A more advanced version is under construction so all your comments are welcome. K3DSurf program was made just for fun, to pass time and to learn some basic 3D drawing technics(without OpenGL).

If you can't run Linux, You can find an applet Java here : http://www.wintonet.com/java/j3dsurf.html. It's called J3DSurf...I hope also to finish a Gtk an Xwindow version soon(G3DSurf and X3DSurf).

Here are some key features of "K3DSurf":

Interactive visualization with mouse events (Right: Rotate, Middle: translate and left: Scale).
Real time animation (rotation) and morph (by the introduction of t_time variable). Animation and morph can also be monitored by controls that affect the CPU usage and t_time step.
Create screenshots by copying the draw window or by using the best ray tracer on the net: Povray.
Create movie scene is also supported
Generate Mesh files that describe the shape of the mathematical model.
Supported formats are:
1. Povscript : Povray is the best ray tracer available on the net...and it's free.
2. VRML2: to use with the majority of current browsers via an appropriate plug-in.
3. OBJ: a well-known file format supported by the majority of 3D applications (Blender, MAYA and Moray...).

What's New in This Release:


1) New GUI interface, with menus and toolbar.
2) Possibility to save a config file to store infos about colors and isosurfaces resolution.


1) The OpenGL viewer has the possibility to go as height as 10MTriangles/Grid 500 (such objects however require more than 15G of RAM or more than 1G of hard drive space for the equivalent .OBJ file).
2) Add possibility to export the "Minimal topology" as an .OBJ file: A new table for the Marching Cube algorithm was made from scratch (released under the GPL licence, we don't think such table is available on the net) that can generate a small amount of polygons compared to the original one.
3) Add Possibility to show more than one Isosurface.
4) Possibility to store/load/delete Isosurfaces formulas.
5) Possibility to turn ON/OF the new parser for fast math calculations.
5) New examples.


Possibility to store/load parametric formulas.
Last updated on June 14th, 2007

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