GRPN 1.3.4

A graphical reverse polish notation (RPN) calculator

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What's new in GRPN 1.3.3:

  • A minor bug was fixed. If the decimal separator is set to "," by the locale, then the behavior of the "." button is also changed to ",".
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.5/5 23
Paul Wilkins
ROOT \ Science and Engineering \ Mathematics
2 GRPN Screenshots:
GRPN is a graphical reverse polish notation (RPN) calculator. It is written in C and uses the GIMP Toolkit (GTK) on top of X11. GRPN was developed under Linux but has also been tested under SunOS and Solaris. It is written in C and uses the GIMP Toolkit (GTK) on top of X11.

GRPN works with real numbers and complex numbers. Numbers can be displayed in 4 different radix modes, and complex numbers can be displayed in either Cartesian or polar form.

GRPN uses a stack and reverse polish notation to evaluate expressions. The stack in GRPN is infinite and limited only by available memory.

GRPN supports the following functions:

· General Math Functions: + - * / sqrt sqr pow neg
· Exponential and Logarithmic Functions: log alog exp ln
· Trigonometric Functions: sin asin cos acos tan atan

Both keyboard and mouse operation are fully supported. GRPN can also cut and paste data to/from other X11 applications.

Last updated on February 13th, 2012

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