DJFractal 1.2

DJFractal is a distributed fractal generator.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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DJFractal is yet another Fractal Generator which uses Mandala to distribute fractal datas to fractal computers. Fractal datas are created locally and distributed to any fractal computers which may be hosted on workstations, Java enabled web-browser through applets, and even JavaCard (!).

DJFractal is highly customizable from schedulers to fractal computers. Hence, DJFractal can be used locally whith a fast fractal computer which uses double precision internally or can be used in a distributed environment using several fractal computers available on the network which use arbitrary precision for the computation extending the limitation of the double precision (E-16) to almost infinity (in fact to the sum of the available memory on each host used).

Whereas extension to 3D fractal is not currently planned, it is definitely a concern DJFractal will dealt with in the future.

DJFractal uses several concepts:

Fractal computers which may be any implementation of the djfractal.FractalComputer interface;
Schedulers which may be any implementation of the djfractal.Scheduler interface;

To run DJFractal, two options are currently available (may change in the future):

Use the local host to compute:
java djfractal.Main
Use several fractal computers on different CPUs in order to speed up the computation. Insert fractal computers proxy in a remote collection and specify its JNDI URI to DJFractal:
java djfractal.Main JNDI_URI
Beware that several properties might probably be defined in order to function properly depending on the remote collection and remote fractal computers proxies implementation.

Last updated on April 1st, 2005

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