Command line Calculator 1.01

Command Line calculator "CLC" is the calculator that can calculate direct at the linux console.

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Command line Calculator
Command Line calculator "CLC" is the calculator that can calculate direct at the Linux console.

Extract the CLCC file to /usr/bin you might need to login as root or equvalent account, to be able to access it whenever you need it.

Then just write CLCC 67+89 and the answer will be presented to you directly.

CLCC calculates from left to right with no exceptions. CLC also have some extra parameters that is sent to CLC using backslash parameters.

CLCC r2 10/3 this will round the result to 2 decimals you can use 1 to 9 if you want to round the sum of.

the r parameter can also be combined with the other parameters but it must be added first like this

CLCC r3c 10/3 - to get 10 diveded with 3 rounded down to 3 decimals.

CLCC is tested with Ubuntu 6.10 and Puppy OS 2.13 but should work with any Linux version in console mode.

The program is developed using Hotbasic for Linux and is Freeware, hope you find it useful, send and email if you have any questions.

Hotbasic is a basic language that compiles into assembler direct, no interpeter that slows down the code, just pure assembler.

So if you want assembler in Linux but doesn't want to code in nasm, HotBasic is the compiler for you.

Last updated on February 16th, 2007

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