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Chombo project provides a set of tools for implementing finite difference methods for the solution of partial equations.




Chombo project provides a set of tools for implementing finite difference methods for the solution of partial differential equations on block-structured adaptively refined rectangular grids. Both elliptic and time-dependent modules are included.

Support for parallel platforms and standardized self-describing file formats are included.

Chombo provides a distributed infrastructure for parallel calculations over block-structured, adaptively refined grids. Chombo's design is uniquely flexible and accessible.

Any collaborator will be able to develop parallel applications to solve the partial differential equations in which she is interested with far shorter development times than would be possible without the infrastructure.

Very careful design and documentation allows said collaborator to enter the software at many levels. She will be able to use Chombo to investigate deep technical issues of adaptive mesh refinement algorithms or to simply adapt the example applications to solve different scientific problems.


· GNU make version 3.77 or higher
· Perl version 5
· HDF5 version 1.4.3 or later
· A standard-conforming C++ compiler (e.g. g++ 2.95.3 or later, Intel icc v6 or later, IBM xlC, MipsPro CC 7.1.3, HP/Compaq cxx)
· A FORTRAN 77 compiler
· To build and run Chombo programs in parallel, an implementation of MPI v1.2 or later (e.g. MPICH, LAM)

What's New in This Release:

· Some examples have been pruned out to provide a simpler presentation.
· Many significant performance improvements have been made to the AMRTools.
· There are two independent AMR Elliptic API's in Chombo 2.0.  The original AMRElliptic, and the new EllipticDesign.  AMRElliptic will no longer be receiving improvements.  You would be advised to begin migration of your elliptic solves to the new API.  The new EllipticDesign solver performs better, and has many improvements to enable better parallel performance.
· AMRTimeDependent has a new more generalized API.
· Some -D compile-time definitions have been changed:

* HDF5 -> CH_USE_HDF5 (C/C++ preprocessing)
* MPI -> CH_MPI (C/C++ preprocessing)
* Chombo now uses its own assert macro -- CH_assert.

· The{Zero,Unit}Vector -> {IntVect::Zero,IntVect::Unit} (IntVect.H)
· Chombo 2.0 provides a new set of code instrumentation macros,


which can be compiled in with the -DTIMER compiler option.  They are turned on and off with the CH_TIMER environment variable.  For more details please see Chombo-2.0.pdf, the Chombo Design Document.
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