Burr Tools 0.6.0

Solve a certain kind of puzzle.
Burr Tools
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Burr Tools will help you solve a certain kind of puzzle.

Namely puzzles that are made out of square or dice shaped units and whose solution also contains only rectangular aligned pieces.

Main features:

  • Does nearly all that PuzzleSolver 3D which is
  • You can enter all puzzles that are assembled out of dice shaped units
  • Find assemblies for you puzzle
  • Disassemble the found assembly them
  • Show everything in a 3 dimensional image
  • Animate how the puzzle has to be assembled
  • Toggle the visibility of pieces in the solution to have a look at the inner workings of a puzzle. This is especially helpful for box packing puzzles
  • Runs on Windows and Linux and probably is also compilable on MacOS
  • You can specify which cubes to fill and which can be empty or full. PuzzleSolver 3D has only 2 modes. Either all cubes may be left empty in the solution, or the cubes that have an empty neighbor must be filled. BurrTools are more flexible here.
  • More than one problem in one file (e.g. have several Soma Cube problems in the same file)
  • Constraints to piece placements (like checkerboard)
  • Group pieces together to tell the disassembler that they don't need to be taken apart this is necessary for puzzles like "Cube In Cage" where the cage can not be taken apart but has 3 movable pieces
  • No limits to sizes and number of shapes. As long as your computer has the memory and you the patience the program will do it for you, even if it takes eons.
  • Free as in beer. It doesn't cost you anything
  • Free as in speech. The source is available, so you can do your own programming or help me improve continue improving the program in case I have to stop working on it.
  • Save puzzles with solutions in compressed XML-files. This allows you to create puzzles with other means (like your own burrgrower, ...)
  • A library is provided that helps you to write your own software for puzzle design and analysis

last updated on:
October 11th, 2010, 14:45 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Andreas Rover
ROOT \ Science and Engineering \ Mathematics
Burr Tools
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3 Screenshots
Burr ToolsBurr Tools
What's New in This Release:
  • Completely rewritten STL-export- and OpenGL-display-code, they do now share a common base. With this come the following features:
  • STL export for all grids, including hollow shapes for all grids
  • STL export preview in the STL export window, you see exactly what the STL shape looks like
  • for the programmers: it has become simpler to support new grids all polygon based grids now can create proper STL output and code for the 3D display much easier, grids like the spheres stay complicated, though
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