Pinta 2.0.0 Beta 5

The learning image analyzer
Pinta is an extremely versatile, real-time image classification application for different projects. It is suited for customers who need to gather essential information, such as surface properties, from images for their applications but don't have time or expertise to develop an application-specific solution.

Make images speak

Pinta enables machine vision systems to learn automatically the characteristics of materials and categorize them even in the absence of distinguishable defects. It does not merely improve the accuracy and speed of traditional surface inspection but also opens new chances to inspect materials and measure things that were previously impossible. Typical examples include roughness, cloudiness, uniformity, and overall formation of a surface.

Main features:

  • Robust measurement:
  • Pinta uses state-of-the-art texture and color analysis techniques to make accurate measurements in varying conditions. The only thing that affects the measurement is the looks of the material. There are no parameters (such as thresholds) to tune.
  • Unsupervised learning:
  • Computers need to be taught to make them able to recognize things. There are hard ways of doing this, and there are easy ones. Pinta uses the easiest one: it automatically learns the characteristics of your material given a sufficient amount of images.
  • Intuitive visual labeling:
  • Although Pinta is able to automatically learn differences in what you show it, it is still not clever enough to know what to call the differences. This is where user interaction is needed. You need to name the automatically generated categories, but all this can be done with an intuitive user interface. No, you don't need to go through all your images and manually classify them for training. Just name (or color) the prebuilt categories.
  • Top runtime performance:
  • We have heard too many times that texture analysis is not fast enough to be applied to really challenging applications. Pinta runs a texture classifier at a top speed of 100 million pixels per second, on a single PC processor. If your application is even more challenging, we can double the speed with a dual processor machine.
  • Easy integration:
  • Pinta comes with a set of easy-to-use interfaces for easy integration into your application. It can be contacted via direct C++ calls on any platform and through COM on Windows. It can also serve as a stand-alone platform that handles everything from image acquisition to process control.
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Pinta runs on Windows XP and Vista, and on different flavors of Linux, both on 64 and on 32 bits. Custom builds can be provided for embedded systems.
  • Built to be customized:
  • Although Pinta works out of the box in a plethora of different applications, we won't claim that the standard, packaged product will measure everything your need accurately enough. The software is built in a way that makes it very easy to customize it to special needs. We have done it, and we are willing to do it again.

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October 2nd, 2010, 10:48 GMT
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Free for non-commercial use
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What's New in This Release:
  • This version introduces radically improved performance and reduced memory footprint with large amounts of image data, Mac (OS X) support, color correlogram features, a feature combiner that makes it possible to use multiple features at the same time, and user interface enhancements.
  • It is the first version of Pinta to run on top of Into 2.
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