ImageP 0.292

Image processing add-ons to Python and Numpy

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What's new in ImageP 0.292:

  • SimpleFilter is a pixel-by-pixel convolution for small kernels (< 10 pixels possibly)
  • 1D version of SimpleFilter and ConvFilter for kernels which can be built by applying a 1D kernel in two directions separately. For these kernels (GaussKernel, BinomKernel etc) this is much faster.
  • GaussKernel, BinomKernel, BoxcarKernel can also generate 1D versions of themselves.
  • The norm=True is the default for the kernels now.
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GPL v3 
Tamas Haraszti
ROOT \ Science and Engineering \ Image Recognition
With ImageP you can do scientific image analysis with Python/iPython, Numpy and Matplotlib easily, providing an open source, free alternative to IDL and Matlab image processing.

Developer comments

This started out as a collection of short functions I needed for my image processing purposes. There are many possible libs out there, some of them really powerful. I wanted something simpler, easy to install and tweaked one.

Some corner points:
- minimize dependencies to numpy, matplotlib (and in the worst case scipy)
- keep it as small and clear as possible - scientific work requires transparency
- the core is a numpy array: do everything on this without any extra conversions
- write all in python, some speedups can be added in C keeping the python equivalent (useful for learning and understanding)
- the C part at the moment is a simple dynamic lib communicating through ctypes and using numpy arrays directly (quick and dirty + trouble on Windows)
- I myself am learning through this process, I hope it helps others as well

Last updated on August 3rd, 2010


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