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TerraViewer will download and display USGS maps and photos from terraserver-usa.com.




TerraViewer is a program that downloads and displays USGS photos and maps.

TerraViewer will download and display USGS maps and photos from terraserver-usa.com.

It should be easy to use and useful. I have a list of ideas I'd like to implement (see below).

I do not expect the data format to change, so you should be safe downloading images and maps and they will work with later versions.


The first time the program is run it will ask permission to create its data directory
(called "images") in the same folder where the program is installed. If you
answer "No" or "Cancel", the program will exit. Without the data directory the program
can't do anything useful, so you should answer "Yes" here.

The default Zoom/Picture level is 1 meter images. Press 'F' to fill the screen (requires
a connection to the Internet). The program will try to connect to http://terraserver-usa.com/ and download the correct images to your computer (it stores them for later use in the images folder as jpeg files).

While downloading you will see a download program dialog that lists all the threads downloading images. Currently the program downloads a max of 12 images at a time and queues the rest of the requests.

Move around using the cursor keys. You can zoom in/out and move while pictures are downloading. As images are made available they will be displayed on the screen.

Press the Page Up and Page Down key to soom in/out or use the slider at the bottom of the screen. As you change zoom level, you may have to download more images ('F' key).

Change from photos to maps (or vice-versa) using the View->Photo or View->Map menu.

Goto->Lat/Lon - goes to a latitude/longitude. There is no sanity check at the moment,
if you enter something bizarre, it will go there but won't be able to download the
Last updated on January 19th, 2006

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