SpatiaLite 3.0.1

A library for geographic information systems (GIS) that implements the core OpenGIS specification

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What's new in SpatiaLite 3.0.1:

  • This version adds assorted enhancements and bugfixes.
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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
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Alessandro Furieri
ROOT \ Science and Engineering \ Geographical
SpatiaLite is a library for geographic information systems (GIS) which implements the core OpenGIS specification. It provides SQLite with basic support for spatial data is intended for lightweight GIS projects.

SQLite is a popular DBMS, simple, robust, easy to use and really lightweight. Each SQLite database is simply a file; you can freely copy it, compress it, send it on a LAN or WEB with no complication at all. They are also portables; the same database file will work on Windows, Linux, MacOs etc.

The SpatiaLite extension enables SQLite to support spatial data too [aka GEOMETRY], in a way conformant to OpenGis specifications:

- supports standard WKT and WKB formats
- implements SQL spatial functions such as AsText(), GeomFromText(), Area(), PointN() and alike

Not all OpenGis functions are supported, but the main core is available

- supports importing and exporting from / to shapefiles
- supports coordinate reprojection via PROJ.4 and EPSG geodetic parameters dataset

The VirtualShape extension enables SQLite to access shapefiles as VIRTUAL TABLEs:
- you can then perform standard SQL queries on external shapefiles, with no need for importing or converting them
* both SpatiaLite and VirtualShape are distributed in the form of shared libraries [DLLs on Windows]
- integration with standard sqlite3 front end is allowed via .load 'extension' or SELECT load_extension('extension') mechanism
- old versions of sqlite3 didn't support extensions; some up to date distribution disables them for security reasons
- so, if you wish, you can alternatively use SQLiteGeo, a derivative sqlite3 3.5.7 [same sources] slightly modified in order to automatically load both SpatiaLite and VirtualShape

Last updated on July 30th, 2012

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