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Open source application for loading, displaying and editing data from GPS receivers
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Prune is an easy to use application for managing coordinate data from GPS systems. Basically Prune is a tool that will let you play with your GPS data after you get home from your trip.

Prune can load data from arbitrary text-based formats (for example, any tab-separated or comma-separated file) or Xml, display the data (as top-down view and altitude profile), edit this data (for example delete points and ranges, sort waypoints, compress tracks), and save the data (in various text-based formats).

Prune can also export data as a Gpx file, or as Kml/Kmz for import into Google Earth.

Some example uses of Prune include cleaning up tracks by deleting wayward points - either recorded by error or by unintended detours. It can also be used to compare and combine tracks, convert to and from various formats, compress tracks, export data to Google Earth, or to analyse data to calculate distances, altitudes and so on.

Furthermore, Prune is able to display the tracks in 3d format (like the hike plots on this site) and lets you spin the model round to look at it from various directions. You can also export the model in POV format so that you can render a nice picture using Povray.

Prune can also load Jpegs and read their coordinates from the exif tags, and export thumbnails of these photos to Kmz format so that they appear as popups in Google Earth. If your photos don't have coordinates yet, Prune can be used to connect them (either manually or automatically using the photo timestamps) to data points, and write these coordinates into the exif tags.

Prune is written in Java, so as long as your platform has a Java runtime (at least version 1.4) including GUI libraries then it should work.

Prune was developed using subversion and Eclipse on Linux, and has been tested on Linux (Mandriva 2005 and 2007 with Blackdown JRE 1.4.2, Debian Etch with Sun JRE 1.6) and Windows XP (Home and Professional, with Sun JRE 1.4.2, 1.5 and 1.6). Prune has also been shown to work on Mac OS X Leopard, using the standard 1.5 JRE, Debian Lenny using the free OpenJDK JRE, Sun Solaris, Windows Vista and 7.

Main features:

  • Loading of coordinate data in any text-based format. with any combination of fields and any separator.
  • Loading of coordinate data in GPX or KML format.
  • Combination of several data files.
  • Top-down, zoomable view of data points including map images from Openstreetmap.
  • Altitude profile view.
  • Selection of individual points and ranges to show details.
  • Deletion of duplicates and variable compression of track by deleting closely-spaced points.
  • Deletion of selected points and ranges, and reversal of ranges.
  • Editing of point data, and creation of waypoints.
  • Re-ordering of waypoints within data set.
  • Saving of data in specified text format, choosing fields and separator.
  • Interactive 3d display of data.
  • Export to POV format for rendering of 3d model by Povray.
  • Loading of photos in jpeg format with or without coordinate data in exif tags.
  • Connection of photos to points, and saving of coordinates in exif tags. (requires exiftool)
  • Automatic correlation of photos with track points using each photo's timestamp.
  • Export to GPX format.
  • Export to KML or KMZ format for use with Google Earth or Google Maps (including photo thumbnails).
  • Launch of browser showing area in either Google Maps or Openstreetmap.
  • Multiple Undo.
  • Multiple language support - currently EN (English), DE (German), DE_ch (Swiss German), ES (Spanish), FR (French) and IT (Italian) are supported; PL (Polish) is partially supported.

last updated on:
June 18th, 2010, 14:40 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Activity Workshop
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What's New in version 09
  • Ability to paste coordinates (eg from wikipedia or geocaching sites) to create
  • New points
  • Configurable colour settings
  • Function to reorganise and sort photos either by filename or time
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