Mumpot 0.6

A mapping program to use with OpenStreetMap

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What's new in Mumpot 0.6:

  • improved statistics
  • average speed
  • traveltime
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Andreas Kemnade
ROOT \ Science and Engineering \ Geographical
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Mumpot - MumpotMumpot - Mumpot
Mumpot is a gtk mapping program that uses basic tools to edit OpenStreetMap data and others, for use with mobile linux equipped devices, tested on a GPE installation on an ipaq2200 and on the openmoko platform. It has still to be considered as beta.

To use mumpot:


These files contain configuration files, so that mumpot loads tiles@home resp. mapnik tiles.
If you start mumpot directly, it will search in ~/.mumpot/map.conf
If that file does not exists, a dialog to let you choose between the three maps.

If you want to use the place search box, generate the corresponding text file first:
bzcat some_osm_dump.osm.bz2 | osm2places /dev/stdin >~/.mumpot/places.txt
This can even be the big planet.osm.bz2

Mouse handling

In the route planing mode, you can draw lines on the map to mark your route. You can add points to your route with the left mouse button (or the touchscreen). With the shift button remove the last point with the right button. With the middle button, you set an endpoint, the route will not be continued after that and pressing the left button again will delete everything in the current line layer. If you have only a touchscreen you can move the finger from right to left on the touchscreen to delete the last point. Moving the finger from bottom to top will delete everything on the current line layer. If you press the ctrl key while moving the mouse along the line, you will see the distance. The map can be centered by clicking the right mouse button when holding the shift key. With the shift key hold down, you can also calculate routes if there is vector data loaded. Click with the left button on the starting point and when you still hold down the shift key, a red line will follow through the streets your mouse pointer, when you click on a point again, the destination is set.

Last updated on April 7th, 2010

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