GeoWebCache 1.2.0

GeoWebCache is a cache for WMS tiles implemented as an HttpServlet in Java.

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What's new in GeoWebCache 1.1.3:

  • Fixed content type check for image/png formats. Anything that starts with image/png is now accepted as a reponse from the WMS server
  • Fixed image/png mode=24bit; , the space in this format was previously no correctly encoded
  • Fixed metatiling bug in seeder. The tiler did not start at the closest metatile boundary and could stop prematurely. This mean that slightly less than one metatile could be missing on the upper and right hand edges of the area that was requested to be seed. This would then get dynamically seeded in most cases, so it was difficult to notice.
  • Added support for format modifiers. See below
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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
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Arne Kepp
ROOT \ Science and Engineering \ Geographical
GeoWebCache is a cache for WMS tiles implemented as an HttpServlet in Java. It is run through a container like Jetty, Tomcat or JBoss. The response time is measured in milliseconds.


In addition to the file, GeoWebCache also uses properties files for commons-logging and cache configuration. Included are sample files for setting up commons-logging with log4j and configuring the JCS cache.


Copy the war file into the webapps directory of your application server. GeoWebCache should be available at http://server:port/GeoWebCache/GeoWebCache . There is sample OpenLayers interface (if you have a Geoserver deployed alongside GeoWebCache and topp:states available) at http://server:port/GeoWebCache . Also included is src/docs/JCSAdmin.jsp, a basic cache viewer-- copy it into src/main/webapp (or copy into a running web application root folder) to use. [Since it exposes cache clearing without a password, do not use it for a public-facing server].

Last updated on November 10th, 2009

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