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A Free/Open Source Gerber Viewer.





gerbv is a free and open source Gerber viewer.

About Gerber files

Gerber files are typically output by a PCB CAD tool (such as the gEDA Project's PCB), and are sent to a PCB manufacturer who uses the files for manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

There are two standards defining Gerber files: An old one called RS-274D, and a newer one called RS-274X. Gerber files generated in the old format (RS-274D) lack aperture information, which must be supplied separately. The new standard (RS-274X) embeds aperture information into the file. The RS-274X standard is described in this document. Note: Gerbv displays RS-274X files! Gerbv will not display RS-274D files! When you create Gerber files using your PCB tool make sure you export RS-274X files if you want to view the files with gerbv.

In the Gerber format, the different layers of a PCB (e.g. top silk, top metal, interior layers, etc.) are held in separate files. Information about the PCB's stackup (i.e. layer order, thickness, etc) is not captured by Gerber files; it is up to the user to supply this information to gerbv, and to his PCB manufacturer.
Last updated on January 12th, 2011
gerbv - gerbv - Gerber viewergerbv - gerbv - Gerber viewergerbv - gerbv - Gerber viewer

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