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Easy Verilog simulation




SimShop is a software that makes running command-line based Verilog simulations simple.

SimShop is part of the simulation environment used to run baseline simulations of cores purchased from RTLCores. The simulation environment is included with any purchase of a source level RTL core.

At RTLCores, we wanted a way to run simulations on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows through a consistent interface. Normally we would just use Make, but using Make on Windows requires the installation of Cigwin which, while it's a wonderful tool, is a pain for some people to deal with. Python, on the other hand, is very easy to install and use on all platforms.

Why command line

You may be wondering why we would choose to do simulations via the command line. The answer is that more often than not GUIs are a hindrance. Once you start using a vendor's GUI it's really difficult to switch to another vendors tool if the need arises, and it will. Running simulations from the command line keeps your environment agnostic and also allows the use of simulation grid.
Last updated on October 22nd, 2011

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