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A development kit for producing systems on a chip using SystemC





Greensocs project is a development kit for producing systems on a chip using SystemC (a C derivative) as opposed to Verilog or VHDL.

GreenSocs mission is to encourage SystemC to be used by designers. It will do this by engineering SystemC infrastructure to compliment the capabilities developed by OSCI and commercial EDA providers, promoting and utilising academic research. The aim is to extend the use and applicability of SystemC, by co-ordinating and promoting collaboratively developed models, methods and utilities, prioritised by designers needs.

The principle benefits are:

- To lower infrastructure development, training and adoption costs.
- To enable higher degrees of IP reuse and interchange.
- To enable EDA companies to build tools in support of the standards.

GreenSocs runs a SourceForge project called the GreenSocs project. It's aims are to develop SystemC infrastructure, basic IP, patches and add on library code for eventual standardisation. The GreenSocs project is made up of a number of contributions (sub projects).

In order to facilitate the use of SystemC and the infrastructure, patches and extensions that GreenSocs develops, pre-built binary packages including all of the stable GreenSocs patches and basic building blocks are available from the downloads area.
Last updated on June 14th, 2011

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