CAPSIM Text Mode Kernel

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CAPSIM Text Mode Kernel (TMK) is a hierarchical interactive block diagram simulation and design system for digital signal proces




CAPSIM Text Mode Kernel (TMK) is a hierarchical interactive block diagram simulation and design system for digital signal processing and communications. All Capsim TMK models are written in C with provisions for parameters, input /output buffers, internal state maintenance, and three phases of execution: initialization, run-time and wrap-up.

Capsim Blocks are written in C embedded in XML for modular/re-usable design. Capsim includes a built in TCL interpreter for support of iterative simulation and design optimization.

Capsim TMK has been the basis for advanced research projects and undergraduate and graduate courses in communications and signal processing.

Capsim TMK based designs have resulted in the rapid introduction of new products into the market. Start your projects with Capsim TMK's built in models and extensive DSP and communications applications. Then easily incorporate your own custom C models into Capsim TMK . Capsim TMK is provided with extensive documentation.

Capsim TMK has built in IIR and FIR filter design blocks. It also incorporates LMS and fast RLS adaptive filters and block LMS adaptive filters. More and more DSP and communication applications will be added to the Capsim TMK release.

The new model for block C code generation is illustrated below, Blocks are written in embedded C code in XML and transformed to C code and incorporated into Capsim. The XML code is transformed using XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language for Transformation) to C code and HTML for documentation.


To get started you need to define the CAPSIM environment variable.

Execute the command:


in CAPSIM's directory to get the PATH_TO_CAPSIM_DIRECTORY.

Then set the CAPSIM environment variable:


A good idea is to add this command to your .profile file in your HOME

What's New in This Release:

This is an important release that plugs a memory leak.
This release supports the following command:
capsim -t script.tcl
which will load and execute the TCL script "script.tcl". This is useful in automated shell scripts so that you do not have to manually run capsim and type "source script.tcl". This facilitates automating scripted execution of Capsim using shell scripts.
A fix has been made to fully support block diagram editing for SystemC.
It also adds the FADE directory to the APPLICATIONS folder for modeling mobile fading channels using Jake's model.
Last updated on January 18th, 2008

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