gElemental 1.2.0

gElemental is a periodic table viewer that provides detailed information on the chemical elements.
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gElemental is a periodic table viewer that provides detailed information on the chemical elements. It uses the GTK+ toolkit and is available for Linux and other GTK+ platforms. It is free software released under the GNU General Public License.

The project was developed and is currently maintained by Kevin Daughtridge. It is derived from GPeriodic, developed by Jonas Frantz and originally by Kyle R. Burton.

Here are some key features of "gElemental":

· The table view allows the elements to be coloured thematically. Colouring by chemical series and by phase is currently supported.
· The list view displays key information about the elements, and can be sorted by number, symbol, and name, among others.
· The element properties dialog displays a variety of information, including historical, thermodynamic, electrochemical, and crystallographic properties. (A full list of properties is available.)
· gElemental supports multiple languages. (See translation status for a list.)
· Additional improvements over GPeriodic include:
· Improved interface with better theme compatibility.
· Updated and corrected data set.
· Element and table data in separate data library, libgelemental.
· C++ code base with appropriate typing of element information.


· GTK+ version 2.6.x
· glibmm 2.6.0 or greater
· gtkmm 2.6.0 or greater
· Optionally, Doxygen allows API documentation to be built.

What's New in This Release:

· This release is licensed under the GPLv3.
· It supports colouring by more properties, and various interface issues have been fixed.
· An API break has allowed for several library improvements.

last updated on:
October 1st, 2007, 19:35 GMT
developed by:
Kevin Daughtridge
license type:
GPL v3 
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