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An Open Source 2D chemical editor software for all Linux-based operating systems

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Gnome Chemistry Utils (popularly known as GChemPaint) is a 2D and 3D chemical editor application that provides users with a collection of open source libraries and programs related to chemistry, and suitable for the GNOME desktop environment.

Includes a variety of useful components

It’s comprised of a 2D chemical editor, a periodic table of the elements, a three-dimensional molecule viewer that uses the OpenGL specification to display molecular models, a spectrum viewer, as well as an editor and viewer for crystal structures.

In addition, the application includes a chemical calculator that allows users to estimate mass composition, raw formule, isotopic pattern, and molar weight. Its core functions work based on a built-in C++ library that provides various classes and a few widgets.

Create benzene mesomery and retrosynthesis

While GChemPaint, the two-dimensional chemical editor, allows users to create benzene mesomery and retrosynthesis, the GSpectrum spectrum viewer tool supports viewing of o-Xylene and Methane.

On the other hand, the GChem3D tool can be used to view 3D structures, and GChemCalc to calculate various chemistry problems. An interesting fact about this application is that each of its components are available as separate programs, or commands if you run the software from the command-line.

Getting started with Gnome Chemistry Utils

The application is distributed as stable and development releases (both versions can be found on the dedicated download section) downloadable as source archives only, which can be configure, compiled and installed on any Linux distribution.

In order to compile, install and use the Gnome Chemistry Utils program, you will first need to install all of its dependencies, including goffice, OpenBabel, GtkGLExt, and BODR, which are available from the default software repositories of your Linux distribution or from the official GNOME repository.

Bottom line

Summing up, Gnome Chemistry Utils is a quite useful and powerful program for beginner chemistry students who are looking for an open source alternative to complex and expensive chemistry software.

Gnome Chemistry Utils was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on January 12th, 2015
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