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CLC Sequence Viewer is a bioinformatics program for DNA, RNA, and protein sequence analysis





CLC Sequence Viewer creates a software environment enabling users to make basic bioinformatics analyses and smooth data management, combined with excellent graphical viewing and output options.

Here are some key features of "CLC Free Workbench":

- GenBank searching and viewing (linear and circular views)
- Multiple alignment of DNA, RNA and proteins (2 alignment algorithms)
- Open reading frame determination
- Translation from DNA to proteins (all genetic translation tables)
- Reports with residue composition, molecular weight and iso electric point (for proteins)
- Neighbor-joining and UPGMA phylogenies
- Restriction site analysis and viewing
- Other reporting facilities
- Import/export to a number of data formats
- Launch of external files
- Detailed History Log

- 256 MB RAM required
- 512 MB RAM recommended
- 1024x768 resolution recommended

What's New in This Release:

The following has been updated: application now available for 64 bit Java VM, support for data handling for larger sequence lists, view larger sequence lists, sequence views with annotations are rendered much faster, alignments: possible to batch delete sequences, alignments: possible to toggle marked status of sequences, and a large number of improvements to stability, UI and data handling.
Last updated on July 3rd, 2008
CLC Sequence ViewerCLC Sequence ViewerCLC Sequence Viewer

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