pscal 1.16

pscal is a shell script to create PostScript calendars.
pscal is a Bourne shell script that produces simple, nice-looking PostScript calendars.

The PostScript code is sent to stdout, so either pipe it to your printer or redirect it to a file.


`Pscal' doesn't work for months before 1753. (Weird stuff happened in September, 1752.) It also won't work right as of January 1, 9600. (Bump up the epoch date if you want it to.)
A better format for the dates of holidays would be nice.
An escape to allow holiday messages to be raw PostScript would also be nice.
The holiday messages should be handled more intelligently (i.e., the messages should be clipped to the day).
Some of the message translations are incomplete.

What's New in This Release:

added %%Orientation comment to the prolog (thanks to Ken Pizzini < >)
added Slovak translation and .holiday file (thanks to M.F. PSIkappa < >)
added Russian translation (thanks to Alexei A. Gaidioukov < >) released by Mark Hanson 2005-01-01,

last updated on:
April 1st, 2005, 19:28 GMT
license type:
Freely Distributable
developed by:
Mark B. Hanson
ROOT \ Science and Engineering \ Astronomy
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