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JPL Planetary and Lunar Ephemeris DE406 for the jplephem package




de406 is the long-period ephemeris which is used by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's online HORIZONS service for dates far in the past or future.

Name: DE406 (May 1997)
Years: -3000 through 3000
Planets: Yes
Sun/Moon: Yes
Nutations: No
Librations: No
Report: Standish (1998) [PDF]
Size: 190 MB

This ephemeris is like DE405 but covers a longer time period. To keep its files from being too large, its size was reduced by permitting up to 1 meter of interpolation error for the position of the Moon, and 25 meters for all other solar system bodies. Since DE405 itself is often only accurate to within a few kilometers for planetary positions, the difference was not important for many users. You can get much higher accuracy from the more recent long-term ephemeris DE422 but at the cost of three times the RAM and disk space.

To compute using this ephemeris in Python, see the jplephem package.
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