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Gnome Predict is a real time satellite tracking program for GNOME.




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Gnome Predict or Gpredict is a satellite tracking program for Unix-like operating systems. In the begining (v. 0.1.x) Gpredict was just a GUI client to John Magliacane's excellent satellite tracking program, Predict, but due to performance problems it has been decided to include the tracking code directly into Gnome Predict (v. 0.2.0 and later).

Gpredict is licensed under the GNU General Public License which basically gives you the right to freely use, distribute and modify the software and its source code, but without any warranty from the authors.

Gpredict is in development stage, but it is has already some very useful features. The current version can track a large number of satellites, display the satellite data in lists and/or show the satellites on maps.

It is possible to have several lists and maps open at the same time in a separate windows or organized in a notebook (you can also have some of them in a notebook and some of them in their own window). The lists can be sorted and the maps can be saved and printed.

You can alse make brief or detailed predictions of upcoming passes and each pass can be plotted in a radial plot. The predictions and plots can be saved and printed as well.

What's New in This Release:

The flexible module layout has been implemented, which also includes several new views.
The pass prediction dialogs have been improved with more parameters.
Last updated on July 26th, 2006
Gnome PredictGnome PredictGnome Predict

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