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An extension module that aims to embed full CLIPS functionality in Python applications




PyCLIPS project is an extension module that aims to embed full CLIPS functionality in Python applications, providing Python with a strong, reliable, widely used, and well-documented inference engine.

Actually, CLIPS is often taken as "reference implementation" of an expert systems shell by many programmers and groups involved in AI developement. It has a forward chaining rule-based inference system, as well as all imperative and object-oriented constructs that allow controlling the execution flow.

Python is robust, and has got a very complete default library which includes a framework to build full-fledged windowed applications with a nice graphical interface... I chose it as my main development tool after several years of programming in C, C++, Visual Basic and so on.

Applications built in Python result incredibly portable, exactly the same code usually works on all supported platforms. I think that embedding the power of CLIPS into a Python module would increase the chance to build applications that need a powerful inference engine and a complex structure (or graphical user interface).

I'd like PyCLIPS to become a reliable extension for Python (even possibly large) applications that need a rule-based inference engine.
Last updated on October 20th, 2010

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