OpenQabal 0.0.3

OpenQabal is a decentralized, federated social networking and collaboration suite.

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The Apache License 2.0 
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Phillip Rhodes
ROOT \ Science and Engineering \ Artificial Intelligence
OpenQabal is a decentralized, federated social networking and collaboration suite written in Java and using open standards, including the latest Semantic Web technologies.

Here are some key features of "OpenQabal":

Provide a fully functional and powerful social networking & collaboration platform and default suite of applications.
Provide a snap-in architecture to allow for easy insertion of additional applications (or replacement of default applications) into an OQ instance
Provide a richer model (and associated tools) to enable real dynamic conversations, as opposed to contemporary blogging platforms which mostly just provide a flat view of a post and it's associated comments. Think Slash with it's powerful comments system.
Introduce the model of a Conversation as an abstraction with many views (Forum style, Blog style, NNTP, e-mail thread, etc.) into the same underlying conversation
Provide open access through standard protocols and APIs to all of the functionality and data associated with an OpenQabal instance
Support Digital Identity and PKI.
Support Multi-Modal Interaction
Leverage federated identity protocols such as OpenID, SAML, WS-Federation, XACML, Liberty ID-FF, Liberty ID-WSF, OAuth, etc. to eliminate the "profile fatique" problem and allow federation of a user's "social graph" across domains
Leverage emerging Semantic Web technologies to build a richer model for linking blogs, to allow conversations to span multiple domains and providers (eg, we want to build something that goes beyond simple Trackbacks).
Support Microformats where appropriate.
Support the Google OpenSocial APIs
Interoperate readily with other applications which are built on open standards such as RSS, XHTML, Web Services, WS-Trust, WSDM, WSRF, OpenSearch, OpenGIS, WSRP, Atom, FOAF, XOXO, XFN, XRI, XDI, iNames, SyncML, CDF, ODF, LDAP, DSML, OPML, XBEL, SPML, APML, RDF, RDF Schema, OWL, Dublin Core, ODM, SPARQL, SRU, SIOC, SKOS, GEO, RDDL, POWDER, GRDDL, XLink, XInclude, XPath, XQuery, XForms, RIF, KIF, XBRL, XTM, WBEM, CWM, MOF, CIM, SNMP, CBE, XMI, SWRL, SWSF, FIPA, AIML, XMPP, DIAL, SMIL, etc., so that OpenQabal instances can both host, and become components of, mashed-up / composed internet applications.
Be fully buzzword-compliant by using REST where appropriate

What's New in This Release:

Incorporate a code coverage tool into build.
Incorporate use of static analysis tools such as PMD and/or FindBugs into the build
Further build improvements
Improvements to the User Registration application
Add Unit Tests as necessary
Introduce OpenID login support
Clean up the CSS stylesheets for more consistency

Last updated on July 10th, 2008

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