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MatPlan, Multi-Agent Transport Planner, is a single agent transport planner that uses a (quick) standard insertion technique.




MatPlan, Multi-Agent Transport Planner, is currently just a single agent transport planner that uses a (quick) standard insertion technique to insert orders one by one into a set of routes.

The algorithm can be used for dial-a-ride problems (DARP), and some variants of vehicle routing problems with time windows (VRPTW). Currently, this program is able to find feasible solutions to Solomon's VRPTW benchmark problems. The bad news is that the quality of these solutions is quite bad (approximately 2 times from the optimal). The good news is that this tool is dynamic, and such solutions can be produced within 1 second.

This project is about developing a fast and reliable transport planning tool
based on existing techniques. The ultimate goal is to have multiple instances of such a tool cooperating.

Here are some key features of "MatPlan":

(This version is not multi-agent at all):
read-in VRPTW (vehicle routing with time windows) problems (see problems/)
create a (non-optimal) solution for a VRPTW problems using -onlyinsertion (fast, but bad results)
output the solution as a VRP-solution
read-in VRP solutions
check the feasibility of a solution
run both statically and dynamically (=> daemon mode: orders are inserted as soon as they arrive at a local port)

What's New in This Release:

This alpha version only includes an insertion algorithm.
Last updated on November 26th, 2007

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