QProjector 0.3.0

QProjector is an application to present different types of media on a projector.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
4.3/5 22
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QProjector is an application to present different types of media on a projector. QProjector supports texts, lyrics, images... It's easy to handle, expandable through plugins and uses a database. It's for example usable in church services.


· Qt >=4.2 (incl. dev-packages)
· MySQL plugin for Qt (maybe it's included in the standard Qt-package of your distribution)
· MySQL database
· Sword >=1.5.9 (incl. dev-packages) for the Scripture plugin
· Poppler with Qt4 bindings (incl. dev-packages) for the PDF plugin


Start a terminal an go into the qprojector directory

Enter: qmake -recursive && make

(may be it's qmake-qt4 on your distribution insted of qmake)


Enter: sudo make install


Just remove /usr/local/bin/qprojector, /usr/local/share/qprojector/ and the settings under ~/.config/QProjector/:

sudo rm /usr/local/bin/qprojector; sudo rm -r /usr/local/share/qprojector; rm -r ~/.config/QProjector

What's New in This Release:

· Text slides within an set item can have the same font size
· Menu at the add set item button (makes adding new items to the set easier)
· Alternative title for Songs
· Auto update for preview in song and text input
· Text field in song and text input gets focus when slide gets selected
· Paintings of slides which are not used in presentation get removed after editing to minimize memory usage (song and text)
· Shortcut Ctrl++ to add slides and set items (used where you can see a "+" as icon)
· Allow mass import of songs (Bug #1904711)
· Export more than one song at a time by selecting a folder and using the title as file name
· Show text of truncated items as tool tip (e.g. in song list)
· Maximum width for the first two columns in the slide list relative to the complete list's width
· Extended song filter
· Fixed:
· Possible memory leak which appears when a slide gets cloned (presentation widget)
· Crash in Song settings widget, if there's no db connection
· Drawing slides with text which direction is opposite to the system's text direction
· Faster creation of song list
· Faster song filter (Bug #1904708, thanks to Stéphane Brunner for an initial patch)
· Style widget is in a scroll area (useful in set item add dialog with type text on small screens)

Last updated on March 19th, 2008

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