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ThinWire is a development framework that allows you to easily build applications for the web.




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ThinWire project is a development framework that allows you to easily build applications for the web that look and feel like the desktop applications you're familiar with.

Responsive, expressive & interactive user interfaces in your web browser without the complexity of the alternatives.

ThinWire is the first Ajax framework to target the business application developer specifically. While virtually any web application can be built, when it comes to business applications, we feel there is no faster solution on which to build. Look over our list of features and check out some screen shots, we're sure you'll find our approach unique and powerful.

Here are some key features of "ThinWire":

· Development framework for architecting Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that utilize Ajax techniques
· Familiar event-driven GUI programming model
· Reconnects the flow of logic, no request response
· Maintains state naturally via variables, not via session
· Develop exclusively in server-side language only
· Never use HTML, CSS, or JavaScript again!
· Program exclusively in Java!
· Alternatively, use a scripting language
· Server-Side execution of all application logic
· Rich Set of Complex Widget Components
· Menu with image & shortcut-key support
· Grid with multiple sortable columns
· DropDown with multiple sortable columns
· Tree control, image support
· TabFolder with image support
· Push buttons, with images!
· Many other cool features!
· ThinWire downloads once, just over 100K
· Optimized for rapidly building productivity apps
· Completely Dynamic, single page for entire application
· Content is sent incrementally and only when needed
· Zero Footprint Client, no browser plug-ins
· All Major Browsers Supported
· Internet Explorer v5.5 or greater
· Firefox v1.0 or greater
· Opera v8.0 or greater
· Safari 2 or greater
· Other Gecko Browsers (Camino, Mozilla, Netscape)
· Deploy on any Java Servlet Container
· Apache Tomcat
· JBoss
· IBM WebSphere
· BEA WebLogic
· Borland AppServer
· Any basic servlet container!
Last updated on September 17th, 2007

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