Telepathy 0.4.5

Telepathy project aims to provide a unified framework for all forms of real time conversations.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Telepathy project aims to provide a unified framework for all forms of real time conversations, including instant messaging, IRC, voice calls and video calls. It uses the DBus messaging system to provide a simple interface for client applications, allowing them to quickly benefit from Telepathy's functionality.

At the core of Telepathy is the DBus interface specification which describes how Telepathy components communicate with each other. We are up to spec version 0.13. For a more approachable introduction to the structure of the framework, try the System Overview document. The Ubuntu spec for SIP/IM integration includes a good rationale for this distributed approach.


Connection Managers
· Gabble: a Jabber/XMPP connection manager, this handles single and multi user chats and voice/video calls. Darcs Repository.
· Telepathy-Butterfly: (previously known as Telepathy-MSN) An MSN connection manager that handles presence, personal messages, and conversations. Releases and Bzr repository. (this requires pymsn and TelepathyPython).
· Telepathy-Wilde: An Oscar connection manager, this handles single direct messaging, presence, conversations and simple buddy list (add/remove). Audio calling is coming RSN. Darcs Repository.
· Idle: A full-featured IRC connection manager. Sourceforge project
· Telepathy-SIP: Based around the sofia-sip library, should be released by Nokia soon...

· Gossip: Eitan Isaacson is working on porting Gossip, a Gnome IM client, to Telepathy
· Landell: a GNOME Instant Messenger build using C# and Telepathy (though Tapioca#)
· Cohoba: a Python based UI for GNOME desktops by RaphaŽl Slinckx
· GnomeUI: a C#/Mono based UI for GNOME desktops by Adam Lofts
· TelepathyInspector: A telepathy client (GTK+) whose objective is to expose all interfaces and functionalities implemented by a given connection manager along with its connections, channels, etc.

Other Components
· Mission Control: Control the launching of connection managers and clients.
· Stream engine: A Telepathy client that uses Farsight and GStreamer to handle media streaming for channels with the IceSignalling interface.
libtelepathy: A GLib library to ease writing Telepathy clients in glib. Releases.
· TelepathyPython: Python libraries for use in Telepathy clients (e.g. Cohoba) and connection managers (e.g. telepathy-butterfly)
· TelepathyQt: Qt4 libraries for use in Telepathy clients and connection managers
· TelepathySharp: A .NET library for use in Telepathy clients
telepathy-feed: A Galago feed for Telepathy.
· TapiocaQt: A high-level Qt4 library on top of TelepathyQt for use in Telepathy clients (e.g. decibel, kopete)
· TapiocaSharp: A high-level .NET library on top of TelepathySharp for use in Telepathy clients (e.g. landell)


· DBus 0.61 or later

Last updated on December 11th, 2006


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