SwingWT 0.89

SwingWT is an implementation of the Swing/AWT APIs over SWT.

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Common Public License 
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Bob Tetley
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SwingWT is a 100% pure Java library which aims to be a free implementation of Swing and AWT. Unlike Swing, SwingWT drives native peer widgets for your platform from SWT. You can see a screenshot of the basic SwingWT demo here (Linux/GTK2) and here (MacOSX).

Here are some key features of "SwingWT":

· More responsive GUIs and faster startup times
· Less RAM usage for applications
· Many developers prefer the Swing API
· Existing Swing applications don't need to be recoded
· Mature Swing UI designers can be used
· Developers deploying to *nix/Win32 can compile natively with GCJ and the applications can be distributed without a VM. Linux distribution makers could package many existing Java/Swing applications that previously could not be distributed in workable state.
· SWT components can be directly accessed through the API, allowing mix and match (make Eclipse plugins with Swing!)
· All platform benefits such as font sub-pixel decimation for LCD monitors (unavailable in Swing)
· Use Swing on mobile devices!
· The best of both worlds! New Swing components for JClosableTabbedPane, JCoolBar, JTaskTrayItem..
· A FREE implementation of Swing you can redistribute and modify to suit your own requirements
· Insulation from changes to the SWT APIs
· Insulation from differences between SWT platforms

What's New in This Release:

· This release contains many fixes and compatibility improvements, including support for AudioClip and SWT 3.2.

Last updated on August 21st, 2007

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